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Press Release January 15th


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New Method for Optimization of Fragmentation for Quarry and Mine Blasts



Montville, Ohio (January 15, 2015), Precision Blasting Services is pleased to announce a new method for optimizing the fragmentation of quarry or metal mine blasts.  In some operations fine fragmentation is undesirable.  For example in the chemical lime industry, fragments much below 0.375 inches cannot be effectively used in the kilns.  This fine material is either sold at a much lower price or wasted because it has no market value in the local area.  This is also a common problem with many aggregate quarries since the market for small aggregate may be much less than more coarse aggregate in the product mix in a particular location.


Other quarries, such as quarries for cement manufacturer or metal mines may want to decrease the size of their blasted product.  There is no lower cost way of producing fragmentation than with blasting.  In studies done years ago comparing blasting verses mechanical crushing costs it was found that to create a square centimeter of new surface on crushed stone it was 20 times more expenses to use mechanical crushing when compared to blasting.


It is difficult if not impossible for individuals to view a pile of blasted rock and determine the size distribution and size range.  This can only be accurate using a remote sensing method.  If these size distribution can be measured then our new methods of blast design can be used to change the size distribution of the blast.  These same remote sensing methods can then be used to verify the amount of change that resulted.  No more guessing!


Optimizing the fragmentation size distribution can save millions of dollars in a repetitive operation like blasting.


Let Precision Blasting Services help you optimize your blasting operations.


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