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Blaster's Guide


Blaster's Guide 3rd Edition     (US Units)


This brief Blaster’s Guide will provide methods to quickly create general blast designs by: estimating burden, spacing, stemming and subdrilling as well as explosive loads.


Charts are available to help explain blast vibration and air overpressure. The new charts provide comparisons of blast vibration and normal environmental vibration as well as air overpressure compared to wind. These charts provide both the laymen and professional with an easy, understandable method to compare blast effects with normal activities and normal environmental phenomena.


The first section of the guide will provide a series of tables that, with little effort, can be used to determine average blast design dimensions.


Additional forms are also given for blasting plans, seismic monitoring reports and blasting logs etc.


This guide will enable the blaster to estimate dimensions in the field as well as provide the necessary forms for control of blasting operations.









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Metric Guide will be coming soon!