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Intercontinental Development Corporation, Inc.

Blasting Consulting and Explosive Engineering

Precision Blasting Services is the worldwide leader in explosive engineering with divisions in blasting consulting, drill and blast training, and explosives engineering.

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The Intercontinental Development Corporation (IDC) offers many different services and opportunities.

IDC has established a training Academy for blasting and vibration control. The facility is located in Montville, Ohio. The facility is called the Academy for Blasting and Explosive Technology (ABET).  ABET can offer training in many aspects of blasting at our facility or we can come to your facilities and provide custom tailored seminars to meet your company’s needs.  ABET can also do contract research on blasting and vibration control problems.

Emulsion technology, emulsion plants and packaging equipment are also available through IDC.  We license emulsion explosive's technology for building large and small emulsion plants for many types of emulsion explosives.  We can do this on a turn-key basis or can work with your company to help them design their emulsion plant and emulsion packaging facilities.

Precision Blasting Services is a division of IDC that specializes in offering consulting services in explosives and blasting.  Our blasting consultants and vibration consultants are internationally recognized as blasting experts and vibration experts.

One of the main functions of our consultants is to act as "troubleshooters" for companies with blasting problems or blast vibration problems.  We have decades of experience working with companies on blast optimization.  Blast optimization consists of improving fragmentation, providing wall control, minimization vibration and air blast and doing so at a reduced cost.  Our services have been used in many countries worldwide.

Professional seismic monitoring of blast vibrations, along with our engineering background, using the seismic data for advanced blast design has been done for decades by our company.

Qualified blasting experts and blast vibration experts are essential for effective litigation support. When you need to go to court, the outcome of the case often depends on the academic knowledge and field experience of the blasting expert or vibration expert. The expert must be able to educate the attorney in terms he can convey to a judge and jury. The expert must be able to take complex engineering concepts and put them into terms that are understood by the average person. Our blasting experts and blast vibration experts have unsurpassed credentials and practical knowledge.

Precision Blasting Services has developed and taught numerous blasting seminars and blast vibration seminars to government agencies and mining and construction companies. Seminars provide state of the art knowledge of methods and technology to improve blasting results. Seminars can range from hours to weeks depending on the interest and needs of the client. Seminar participants have saved millions of dollars on their own operations as a result of the knowledge gained by attending these seminars. Seminars have been taught in many different countries.

Precision Blasting Services has developed many unique software packages that we can run for your operation to design many different kinds of blasts, control vibration, predict fragmentation size and determine costs. The software works in both U.S. Customary and Metric units. Some of the software results are available in Spanish as well as English. These unique software packages are only available from Precision Blasting Services.

The staff and Dr. Konya have authored hundreds of publications on blasting technology and vibration control. Some books and video can be ordered directly from Precision Blasting Services.

Precision Blasting also sells blasting equipment, blasting machines, seismographs, pumps, blasting mats, etc. Some of the well-recognized supplies and suppliers we represent are given in this website.